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PJ-Radha Krishna Floral Hand Painted Kerala cotton saree_KCADI004

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Condition: New

Brand: Sarees

Saree: Radha Krishna Floral Hand Painted Kerala cotton saree with Zari border
Work: Hand Painting
Colour: Blue
Fabric: Pure 100% Cotton
Weight: Approx. 500 Gms
Wash: First Wash should preferably be dry clean
Measurements: 6.4 MTR(Includes Blouse also)
Delivery Details: 7 - 10 Business days




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Customer Reviews


Not worth for 1400, design ok, material is so dull

(Posted on 24-Aug-2018 06:33:31)


Not worth for 1400, design ok, material is so dull

(Posted on 24-Aug-2018 06:33:32)


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